About us

Severn are affiliated to the Gloucestershire cross-country league for men, women and juniors and have won the senior team title on several occasions.

However, it is our diversity and creativity that sets us out from other Clubs in the county:

1. We stage more Saturday open track & field, cross-country and road race meetings than any other club in the UK and our fixture list is the envy of many other clubs.

2. In 2003 we pioneered inter-club matches, partly as an alternative to our open meetings. These matches proved extremely popular with athletes and gave the clubs an opportunity to introduce young or inexperienced athletes to competition in a less-pressurised environment. We plan to continue and develop this idea in the future.

3. In 2002 we re-introduced our Fun-Runner events that were once popular during the 1980s running boom. These have encouraged many “couch potatoes” to take up running as a form of exercise.

4. We stage “have-a-go” events for primary school children during the summer. In 2003, over 250 city youngsters took part in such an event organised as part of the Gloucester Festival in the Park. We also appointed a Youth Development Officer to co-ordinate these events and to oversee our youngsters’ athletic development.